The Most Awesome Flight Safety Video You’ll Ever See, via Virgin America

You got to buckle up to get down
11/04/13 9:42:01 am
re: #31 Vicious Babushka Maybe UHC cut this person's shit policy so the UHC CEO can continue to be the highest-paid healthcare CEO of all time? UHC is withdrawing, altogether, from insuring people in CA - something that happens with ...

Sunday Night Jam: Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas - “Ula Ula”

Retro psychedelic Argentine jazz rap
300Killgore Trout
11/11/12 9:27:51 pm
re: #296 Gus It does kind of flip the story in an unexpected direction. Given the recent developments I wouldn't totally dismiss her story. Let's suppose it's true just as thought experiment; The CIA takes some prisoners and passes them ...

Overnight Video: Embrace

Combining a live action dance performance with 2D motion graphics
132Charles Johnson
8/05/12 1:13:53 pm
Testing a little something. tmpRename () { doMessage "${GRAY}\nChecking $1 ...${RESET}" cd $1 if FILES=$(ls -x *.tmp.$2 2> /dev/null | sed -r "s/\.tmp\.$2//g"); then for NAME in $FILES; do if [[ ${NAME}.tmp.$2 -nt ${NAME}.$2 || ${ALLOPS} ]]; then if [[ ...