Jacob Collier’s Astounding New One-Take Video: “Saviour”

337Birth Control Works
6/02/16 11:35:41 am
re: #327 lawhawk this makes me sad ;(

Thanos posted this video earlier today as an LGF Page, but I just had to add my two cents. And those two cents are… WOW. An absolutely amazing music video for Jacob Collier’s upcoming album, shot in one take, with projections and choreography, and again I just can’t believe …

The Most Awesome Flight Safety Video You’ll Ever See, via Virgin America

You got to buckle up to get down
11/04/13 9:42:01 am
re: #31 Vicious Babushka Maybe UHC cut this person's shit policy so the UHC CEO can continue to be the highest-paid healthcare CEO of all time? UHC is withdrawing, altogether, from insuring people in CA - something that happens with ...

Sunday Night Jam: Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas - “Ula Ula”

Retro psychedelic Argentine jazz rap
300Killgore Trout
11/11/12 9:27:51 pm
re: #296 Gus It does kind of flip the story in an unexpected direction. Given the recent developments I wouldn't totally dismiss her story. Let's suppose it's true just as thought experiment; The CIA takes some prisoners and passes them ...

Overnight Video: Embrace

Combining a live action dance performance with 2D motion graphics
132Charles Johnson
8/05/12 1:13:53 pm
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