David Barton Explains How Teachers Can Sneak Religious Indoctrination Into Public Schools

Fanatical, and sneaky too
11/19/13 4:57:18 pm
re: #158 yoshicastmaster Barton is a "historian" which I put in quotes, only because that's what he claims to be, but has no real justification for doing so. He's a pseudo historian at best. I don't think he's an ordained ...

The worst thing about right wing religious fanatics like David Barton is that they’re sneaky and dishonest. Barton has made a career out of peddling lies about American history to the gullible, and in this new video from Right Wing Watch he’s actually advising a room full of students …

Romney Promising the Religious Right He’ll Appoint Right Wing Judges

Fanatics picking Romney’s judges?
4/24/12 8:25:45 pm
Charles Johnson This is really scaring me. One of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of the far right's agenda is the courts and if they're able to control that, they maybe able to ride rough shot over the ...

Rick Perry: 1770 Boston Colonists Had to Walk Around in Disguise

9/28/11 6:56:21 am
re: #183 albusteve Speaking as a teacher, I'd like to know what the hell you mean by this remark? Are you implying that somehow teachers are spending too much money? Last I checked, it was locally elected school boards that ...

Where Michele Bachmann Learned About the Founding Fathers: David Barton

Delusional alternate history with a theocratic message
6/30/11 12:33:31 pm
re: #35 fiveonefive There's both a pattern of hostility and unease about slavery, and a pattern of increasing financial, cultural and political investment in slavery. There would have been no need for the Civil War if the matter had been ...

American Taliban Leader David Barton: The Bible Should Rule the World

Mainstream Republican theocratic craziness
4/18/11 11:03:14 am
American Taliban? I seem to recall that it was Richard Dawkins?? coined that description of daft Christian fundamentalists;and was castigated for exaggeration. Seems that this lad Barton ticks all the boxes! The lunacy gets more extreme by the day! At ...

Will Bunch: Glenn Beck Rewrites Civil Rights History

8/28/10 4:41:08 am
I just read the article and I'm going to assume the author didn't choose the headline since there is nothing in the piece that details how Beck is "rewriting civil rights history". Does anyone have any specifics that prove the ...

Glenn Beck Promotes Theocracy and Interviews David Barton - Speaker at Neo-Nazi Rallies

4/08/10 6:21:09 pm
Beck/Fox get about 3.2 million viewers each night. There are 300 million sane Americans. Beck/Fox have their hardcore audience and that's all. I don't watch them and only ever hear about them when other media outlets (and blogs) mention them. ...

Glenn Beck Exposes Truther ‘Tea Party’ Candidate, Hypes Theocratic Fanatic

2/11/10 5:23:49 pm
re: #683 Aceofwhat? There's a lot of problems with the whole "Catch a Predator" setup, as well as that group they work with-- perverted justice or whatever they call themselves. A name which is appropriate in ways which they doubtless ...