Desperate Right Wing Partisan Resorts to Extortion

Nice little country you have here. Hate to see anything happen to it.
11/03/12 11:56:01 am
David Frum's "endorsement" of Romney is the very definition of "unenthusiastic". One quote, near the end of Frum's article: "Which is why, if I lived outside the District of Columbia, I'd split my ticket. I'd vote Romney for president, and ...

Another word for the argument David Frum is making: “extortion.” Frum: The GOP Will Destroy America if We Reelect Obama, So We Must Let the GOP Win.

A Cry for Help from David Frum

Jilted conservative still hopes to get back together
175Stephen T.
11/22/11 6:02:57 am
re: #148 chunkymonkey The alternative is to vote for politicians who are not crazy. Ignore party and look at the politicians stance on things, determine if their stance matches yours or if it comes from crazyville, vote for that politician. ...

David Frum is Surprised That Conservatives Continue to Support Andrew Breitbart

7/22/10 2:51:03 pm
David Frum will probably be "surprised" when Sarah Palin is the Republican nominee for President (or Vice President) in 2012. Actually, I often agree with David Frum, but he really should know some of these people on the far right ...