Glenn Greenwald Freaks Out After Meet the Press Interview - Also, Some Facts About Ecuador

Ecuador, haven of “whistlebowers” and enemy of a free press
6/23/13 8:20:32 pm
re: #313 uncah91 Actually, I believe the case you're talking about involved Amnesty International, specifically Clapper v. Amnesty International, not the ACLU. But your point is still valid -- the ACLU may now be able to surmount the standing hurdle ...

Glenn Greenwald is in high dudgeon today on Twitter after this interview with David Gregory, in which Gregory actually dared to question Greenwald’s and Edward Snowden’s motives. There’s a lot more in his Twitter timeline — he’s inciting his followers to attack and harass people who criticize him. Meanwhile, …

Finally, the Right Wing Wants to Prosecute Someone for Violating Gun Laws

Idiocy of the day
12/26/12 10:20:53 pm
re: #263 Shiplord Kirel It used to feel like this country naturally gravitated toward the center and away from extremism. Yes, we've had periods of extremism...the Civil War, the widespread popularity of the Klan in the 20's, the Red Scare, ...