Greenwald Announces New “Grant” Program; First Beneficiary: Greenwald’s Partner

Libertarian altruism
7/21/14 11:56:32 pm
re: #166 Higgs Boson's Mate But that's the most important thing, not the other, useless one.

Today Glenn Greenwald and Pierre Omidyar’s media organization First Look is announcing a new grant program they’re hyping as: Promoting and Protecting Free Speech and Free Expression. And if you’ve been paying attention to the way they do things at First Look, it probably won’t surprise you to learn the …

More Lies From Glenn Greenwald - Update: And an Undisclosed Conflict of Interest

An unbroken pattern of dishonesty
195Charles Johnson
8/27/13 10:24:50 am
re: #194 Laertes And if you weren't trying so hard to make excuses for the constant distortion, you'd just admit that you're being played. Now it's not supposed to matter that Greenwald has been simply lying? That's a pathetic rationalization. ...

Guardian’s Story Changes Again: Now They Admit David Miranda Did Have a Lawyer

Editing reality to fit the narrative
8/22/13 7:55:08 pm
re: #467 Killgore Trout I just have a hard time squaring that with an American President whose attitude towards torture was "Just change the name and knock yourselves out, guys." You'd think that fear of being prosecuted for torturing other ...