Petraeus Testifies the CIA Approved Susan Rice’s Talking Points

Right wing still going nuts
11/17/12 10:03:39 am
re: #88 Obdicut It’s right in the box above: The CIA said Al Qaeda was part of the coordinated attack at the Benghazi Consulate (they immediately wanted to tell the truth). After it goes through the process (political pressure from ...

Petraeus Scandal Takes a Serious Left Turn

CIA reality show gets weird
11/13/12 1:23:19 pm
re: #16 Sophist is the VillageGreen Preservation Society It's actually a power thing. Tons of psychological studies showing that power directly influences hormone production and triggers an evolutionary drive to capitalize on that power for procreation and sexual dominance. In ...

Loony Pamela Geller: Petraeus Resignation Is an Obama Plot to Put a Muslim in Charge of the CIA

Just another stealth shariah plot by BHO
11/11/12 7:13:16 pm
#108 Thank you for posting about Occupy Wall Street and their wedding registry! We had been looking for a way to help and this looks to be one of the better ways to go. I purchased some flame gel cans. ...

Breaking: CIA Director David Petraeus Resigns, Citing Affair

“Poor judgment”
11/09/12 3:25:38 pm
re: #243 lostlakehiker They can't make a secret of their voter registration, that's public. But their ballots are secret. It doesn't make him white. There are racists in all human groups, including political parties and demographic groups. And what Obdicut ...