Now Trump Wants to Start Killing Drug Dealers

3 days, 12 hours ago
re: #322 The Major Because the NRA lobbied against, and defeated, a proposed "red flag" law that would have allowed the FBI and/or local police to seize his guns after those reports and visits.

The latest development in Trump’s plan to transform the United States into an extreme right wing authoritarian hellscape: he and his gang of villains now want to start killing drug dealers. Trump apparently believes the way to “Make America Great Again” is to make it more like the Philippines and …

Sick: Official GOP Twitter Account Boasts About “Willie Horton-Style Attack” on Tim Kaine, Then Deletes Tweet

The Republican Party is deranged
457Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
10/04/16 1:37:11 am
re: #318 ObserverArt This is a concept that is left out of a lot of discussions about religions (especially a certain one that is widely practiced in the Middle East and parts of Asia): there are people who simply identify ...

Unreal: Florida Republican Introduces Bill to Bring Back Firing Squads

“If it were up to me we would just throw them off the Sunshine Skyway bridge”
10/12/11 8:16:50 pm
re: #19 lawhawk And I think the courts are wrong on this point. I also think that the firing squad and hanging are better methods of execution compared to lethal injection, mostly because they make it very clear the person ...