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GOP Delegates Getting Death Threats From Trump Supporters

Because of course they are
496retired cynic
4/25/16 6:57:51 pm
re: #430 The Vicious Babushka He's been dosing with orange again, I see.

Donald Trump has been openly encouraging his delusional right wing followers to get violent against protesters, and hinting broadly about “riots” at the upcoming GOP convention, so this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone: Delegates face death threats from Trump supporters.

Fox Nation on ‘Fast and Furious’: A Deluge of Death Threats and Racism

The Fox News audience spews racism and threats (again)
106Decatur Deb
7/08/11 6:25:47 pm
re: #105 dillybar1 Welcome. You won't get many answers because you are at the end of a stale thread. (Note it's been more than 3 hrs since the previous comment.) Come on up to one of the threads at the ...

Glenn Beck Laughs About Death Threats to Academic

The right wing demonization machine fixates on a 78-year old woman
1/25/11 7:28:29 am
Bad enough Beck comes up with these shoddy conspiratorial rants, even worse that FOX features him. But the worst part of it is that so many feeble minded dumbed down know nothings here in the USA take his rubbish seriously. ...