Ahead of Debate, Glenn Greenwald Spews Insults at Hayden and Dershowitz

“The most pernicious human beings on the planet”
5/02/14 3:48:16 pm
re: #194 Mattand All the updings. This business of people who are not themselves insane and/or bigoted supporting this sorry excuse for a political party because the Democrats are somehow worse is getting very hard to justify.
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Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on the Debate’s Classic Benghazi Moment

Romney walks into a nitpicky semantic trap that really hadn’t even been set
10/18/12 10:03:43 pm
re: #92 calochortus I prefer it, but they moved my polling place to one that's really annoying and exhausting for me to get to. I liked my old one. It was in a senior center, and all the old ladies ...
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Politifact Gets It Wrong Again: Obama Did Consistently Use “Act of Terror” to Describe Libya Attack

“Half true?”
10/17/12 3:02:21 pm
It helps to send the Politifact author, John Greenberg, an email. I did. You might mention that President Obama used the phrase Acts of Terror in the Rose Garden remarks, in Golden and in Las Vegas. He also never mentioned ...

Bad Lip Reading Debate Remix: ‘Eye of the Sparrow’

But first, I want you to turn and look at each other
494A Mom Anon
10/10/12 11:51:27 am
re: #484 Eventual Carrion Say what you want about Occupy,but the Atlanta group has gone to bat for not only several home owners,but a church too. To stop foreclosures and get the banks to work with the homeowners and the ...
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