Donald Trump Pulls the Football Away From Bernie Sanders

Trump as Lucy, Sanders as Charlie Brown
224Eventual Carrion
5/27/16 8:39:40 pm
re: #153 FormerDirtDart Yes, there is much more ocean then land on the face of our marble.
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Well, it took Donald Trump one whole day to go from “I’d love to debate Bernie” to backing out entirely. Saw this coming. The really sad thing is that Bernie Sanders fell for Trump’s obvious scam.

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353Ia! Ia! Trump Ftaghn! (née Sophist)
2/23/16 9:40:02 pm
re: #107 Major Tom Oh. So when you said it was about "Pay for play[...] Basically" You didn't actually mean it? Or you don't think exposing "Pay for play" is exposing "wrongdoing"? Or you're just full of it?
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