We Hope You’re Ready for Another Democratic Debate

Comin’ atcha
2 weeks, 4 days ago
re: #210 The globulosus alpuzzzzz from Wisconsin Still not as revolting as the authentic 1970's costumes in "Vinyl".
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Because whether you’re ready or not, here it comes. CNN says they’re webcasting it live here. According to the latest Marist poll, Clinton now leads Sanders for the April 19 New York primary by 17 points, so things aren’t looking good for Bernie in the Big Apple. And there’s …

Watch Live: Democratic Town Hall, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, 2/23/16 Columbia, SC

353Donnie With The Good Hair (AKA Sophist)
2/23/16 9:40:02 pm
re: #107 Major Tom Oh. So when you said it was about "Pay for play[...] Basically" You didn't actually mean it? Or you don't think exposing "Pay for play" is exposing "wrongdoing"? Or you're just full of it?
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