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Debunking Another Right Wing Talking Point: Is the Lafayette Movie Theater Really an Official “Gun-Free Zone?”

Of course not
7/25/15 9:14:16 pm
re: #320 The Mulai OK, maybe an increased budget won't solve the problem. Do you have a counterproposal? Because the US has the highest rate of gun violence in the developed far. I'm fairly sure that Bernie Sanders (despite ...

OK, let’s dissect another ubiquitous right wing claim about the Lafayette theater shootings, shall we? If you go to any right wing site right now, you’ll see them all ranting in unison about the theater being a “gun-free zone,” and babbling about how much safer everyone would have been …

Was the Birther Conspiracy Theory Really Started by Hillary Clinton Supporters?

7/23/15 7:58:37 pm
Charles Johnson, At this point, I bet practically the entire GOP leadership wishes Hillary supporters started it, so they could use it to attack her. Than they could say, look at how loony her supporters are! Do you really want ...

No, Angola Has Not ‘Banned Islam’. It’s a Little More Complicated Than That.

267Shiplord Kirel, Friend of Moose and Squirrel
11/28/13 10:36:02 am
So, the wingnuts cheer the Russian dictator, devour Kremlin propaganda as Gospel, and, now, we see them enthusiastically (if mistakenly) support the suppression of religion by a Russian satellite regime. My, my, this is not your father's right wing, folks. ...

Muslim Brotherhood ‘Uses Puppies as Firebombs?’

“Anti-jihad” bigots get even crazier
11/03/13 10:24:38 pm
Thanks to all of you for your funny & informative responses. After waking up this morning, reading this story, and then Paging it, I decided it was a good day to take a break from the internet. It's heartening to ...

Has American Thinker Saved the World from the AGW Hoax?

92Mike DeGuzman
2/24/10 5:50:15 am
I'm not really into the Global Warming issue. I've seen too many graphs, scientific data, conspiracy theories, scandal, postings in LGF, links, etc. from both sides. Its just too much to comprehend. WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH? But anyway, I'm ...

How the Denial Lobby and a Dishonest Journalist Created a Fake Scandal

2/18/10 10:10:11 am
re: #155 Bagua Interesting list. let's see... Universities: Oh, yeah. They're swimming in cash these days. Just ask the good folks at, for example, the California system of universities how much money they are putting into astroturf groups and lobbying ...