ZDNet “Pulls the Plug” on That Bogus CNET Story

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6/17/13 11:57:18 am
re: #110 Charles Johnson Actually, CBS makes CNET's editorial decisions. That's why after CBS made CNET take back its award for DISH's Hopper, CNET became, and remains a joke. I admit that I didn't know that ZDNet (also owned by ...

Tonight ZDNet, sister company of CNET, is “pulling the plug” on the bogus CNET report that the NSA can wiretap US citizens’ phones without a warrant: Congressman Denies Report Claiming NSA Can Listen to Calls Without Warrants | ZDNet. UPDATE at 6/16/13 7:44:02 pm Related: CNET Says NSA ‘Admits’ Listening …

CNET Updates Article, Continues to Make False Claims

Distortion continues
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6/16/13 1:46:10 pm
re: #14 Eclectic Cyborg Routers have a short-term memory of which machines/devices (according to each one's 48bit MAC --machine address code) that are "currently" connected to each of its ports, and the IP that was associated with the device (if ...