Erick Erickson: Gays Are “On the Road to Hell”

Good right wing Christian love
3/28/13 7:10:31 pm
re: #529 Kragar (Antichrist ) Ha! I knew it. I did my homework. IBTimes didn't. Wonder what else they fucked up?
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Oh, and by the way, while the Supreme Court was pondering whether DOMA had a legitimate basis or whether it was simply an expression of reactionary hatred, the founder of right wing website, Erick Erickson, contributed this to the debate:

Breaking: Obama Administration Will No Longer Defend Anti-Gay Marriage Law

The government gets out of the business of enforcing bigotry
2/23/11 8:10:31 pm
re: #94 jamesfirecat The Constitution says that the President shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed. (Article 2 section 3) If you throw this out, then anarchy, and why bother with government at all.
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