New Nonpartisan Study Concludes Sanders’ Economic Plan Increases Federal Debt by $18T

Meanwhile, back in the real world…
5/09/16 5:35:29 pm
re: #636 Eric The Fruit Bat My dad used to say "maybe God will forgive you, but your mother won't."

Well now, this certainly seems like an issue that people ought to pay attention to; the Associated Press has a report on a new study released today by the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center and the Urban Institute Health Policy Center, showing that Bernie Sanders’ economic plans would increase the …

Graham Joins Loonies, Plans Government Shutdown

1/03/11 1:41:49 pm
re: #83 gamark If we are running SS like it isn't fully consolidated into the Federal budget, but are instead keeping it separate (which I assume you think is appropriate), then when it runs a surplus, it has to do ...

Face the Nation: Republicans Discuss Shutting Down the Government

1/03/11 7:53:08 pm
re: #60 recusancy Coors alleges itself to be beer. It's good for giving one's kidneys some exercise and not much else. re: #109 Killgore Trout So in addition to liking the taste of Pepsi for almost all of my 55 ...