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Donald Trump Jr. Compares Syrian Refugees to a Bowl of Poisoned Skittles Candy

9/22/16 10:37:07 am
re: #352 Emptor scriptor Remorse I know I'm late in replying, but I had a Great Pyrenees. We just lost him earlier this year. They are amazingly awesome dogs. Wicked smart, great family dogs, gentle giants, don't need a whole ...

Donald Trump Jr. has blocked the LGF account after we revealed several of his associations with antisemites and white supremacists, but we have ways to see what he’s tweeting anyway — and today he tweeted something so ugly and yes, deplorable, that I did an honest to goodness double …

Ben Carson Says Syrian Refugees Are Like “Rabid Dogs”

Dehumanization proceeds apace
11/19/15 10:36:40 pm
Well, actually Ben Carson said that terrorists among the refugees are like rabid dogs, and only compared the refugees to normal dogs. Just to be accurate about the bad comparison choice he made.