Trump Is Now Claiming the Access Hollywood Tape Was a Fake

Gaslighting taken to a whole new level
369retired cynic
11/27/17 4:15:42 pm
re: #364 CleverToad Yay you!!!

This New York Times article on Trump’s disgusting support for accused child molester Roy Moore contains a real jaw-dropper on another subject. Because the grotesque narcissistic braggart in the White House is reportedly now trying to claim that the infamous Access Hollywood “grab ‘em by the pussy” tape is a …

Trump Horror, Day 19: Attacks Court: “I Understand Things. I Comprehend Very Well, Better Than Almost Anybody”

Arrogant braggart attacks justice system
237John Hughes
2/09/17 8:18:42 am
re: #55 Kragar Say I criticize Operation Market Garden -- how many dead soldiers am I insulting? Nah, it was the fault of the idiots who ordered it, not the soldiers who died following those orders.