Chuck C. Johnson posing with his best friend

Blogger Chuck Johnson Knows Who to Blame for Being Suspended From Twitter: Me

Apparently I control Twitter now
490Jocko's Rocket Ship
10/14/14 9:05:33 pm
re: #481 RealityBasedSteve That's basically my rub, ex the thyme (too impactful for a base on my tongue.) Put that on chicken thighs, maybe a bit of brown sugar too and leave little of the skin on, caramelize it. Can't ...

Right wing blogger Chuck C. Johnson’s statements about being suspended from Twitter for the second time in a week (for posting private information) are a hoot, starting with the wildly self-aggrandizing title of the post at his creepy website: Twitter Suspends Journalist for Reporting Ahead of the Curve (Again) - …

Rightwing meme on race

Sarah Palin’s Word Salad of the Day Mixes American Exceptionalism and the War on Christmas

“Even in that arena of celebrating Christmas”
205Wile E. Wonka
11/18/13 11:08:04 am
Hi, I'm still lurking, just busy with a new baby and stuff. *grin* And I hate to spoil the party, but it looks like the whole "natural birth nativity scene" thing is just a Freudian slip on the Freedom From ...

Fox News Poll on Creationism and Prayer - Legitimizing Delusions in American Politics?

Are Americans really as delusional as Fox News portrays?
110Reality Based Steve
9/08/11 7:48:40 am
In regards to the numbers on the Evolution issue, the numbers for "Evolution as outlined by Darwin..." are actually a bit higher than the historical trend over time Gallup polls on Evolution 1982-2010. I agree that the "Both" is a ...