Washington Times Wingnut Wants Obama Impeached for Boston Bombings

The demented reactionary right wing is all that remains
4/26/13 3:49:40 pm
re: #38 DesertDenizen And, it doesn't do them a damn bit of good, imo because they're still nuts.

Things that are amazing about this Washington Times column: Jeffrey Kuhner actually wrote it. The Washington Times actually published it. Kuhner is a regular columnist for this rag. If you ever need a showpiece of the utter derangement of the conservative movement, here you go. Mainstream right wing thought, comin’ …

It’s On: Wingnut Radio Host Says Bill O’Reilly’s Marriage Equality Remarks Are a “Hanging Offense”

The problem with the rebranding scam
141Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All
4/02/13 9:15:12 am
re: #133 Dark_Falcon My error, I should have simply said Religious conservatives with a small c and given more context. I keep forgetting that people can't read my mind to discover my intent. :)

Right Wing Rages Uncontrollably at Michelle Obama: “Someone Put a Bullet in That Fat Pig”

Sheer hatred
2/25/13 6:29:36 pm
This is what the Republican Entertainment Complex has turned the Republican party into. My guess is they do not win a national election in our lifetime unless the Democrats put up someone so repulsive we can not stand to look ...