Democratic Party to Women: Your Rights Are Less Important Than Winning Elections

Worst Democratic idea of the year
500Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis
7/31/17 4:00:28 pm
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Today the Democratic Party announced a new position that I find absolutely infuriating: no litmus test on abortion. That’s right; in a misguided quest for conservative votes, the party leadership has decided women’s rights are no longer a core issue for Democrats, and they’re going to start giving money to …

Watch Live: The Vice-Presidential Debate

Kaine won’t have any trouble tonight
542philosophus invidius
10/04/16 7:38:16 pm
I couldn't bear to watch this mess after the first 15 minutes or so. Moderator asked two terrible questions to start. ("Why do people think your candidate is not trustworthy?"?) Kaine interrupted too much--except when Pence was lying. He missed ...
Charity Navigator's rating for the Clinton Foundation

Charity Navigator Now Agrees: The Clinton Foundation Is One of the Best Charities in the US

Shutting down this exemplary organization would be a real crime
9/03/16 4:34:57 am
re: #256 Charles Johnson NEEEEEERRRRRDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! /takes one to know one.
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Watch Live: 2016 Democratic Convention, Featuring Elizabeth Warren

7/25/16 11:25:10 pm
re: #239 klys (maker of Silmarils) I tend to address this issue by suggesting that marrying Hillary is the main reason Bill ever got to be president in the first place. From a very young age he's been self-indulgent and ...