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Photo of the Month: Unshakable Dignity

719Romantic Heretic
7/11/16 3:57:14 pm
re: #309 I Would Prefer Not To That's my wife. No wonder I love her so much.
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Things are getting very dicey in Baton Rouge again tonight, and here’s a tremendously moving photo that captures the essence of the situation: a lone protester in a summer dress standing up to police in riot gear with quiet, unshakable dignity. It’s one of those iconic images that captures …

Obama’s Shift Toward Military Intervention in Libya

US joins coalition of European and Arab countries, but no troops
529Mike DeGuzman
3/21/11 8:51:22 pm
re: #518 dragonfire1981 So what will the President will do with Yemen, Syria, Bharain, Saudi Arabia, Iran, when they start to slaughter their own people who are protesting against them? Strong response like in Libya?
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