Lindsey Graham on Charleston Shooter: ‘That’s Mideast Hate’

Aw, hell no
609Eventual Carrion
6/25/15 9:50:01 am
re: #586 Dr Lizardo You gotta work the body, work the body work the body, then to the head.
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The amount of idiocy and tortured rationalizations coming out of the right wing about the Charleston shootings is stunning. But I think Lindsey Graham may just win the prize today for the many layers of bigotry, stupidity and blind denial that he managed to pack into just three words: …

One of the Most Disgusting Anti-Choice Articles You’ll Ever Read

Denying the bloody legacy of illegal abortion
374Jay in Oregon
3/26/14 5:38:52 am
re: #372 Romantic Heretic I hate to break it to you but according to the Twitter profile, "All text was found on the forums of FreeRepublic: The Premier Conservative Site on the Net." These assholes are impossible to parody anymore. ...
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Wingnuts Who Predicted Doom for America Now Saying ‘We Can Survive 4 More Years of Obama’

Predictable spinning from predictable spinners
193Skip Intro
11/08/12 12:24:29 pm
re: #190 Kaessa Can Fox News become an even bigger joke? Have Rove back again and again with theory after theory while ignoring that he pissed away $300 million for a 1% return, then top it off by having one ...

Video: The Heartland Institute’s Department of Education

The future, in denial
191Charles Johnson
2/28/12 1:16:39 pm
Another similarity: when you'd actually look up a creationist's quote or article citation, you'd invariably find that they had: 1) distorted or changed it, 2) taken it wildly out of context, or 3) totally made the whole thing up. The ...

Peter Gleick: The Origin of the Heartland Documents

Gleick admits he’s the source of the leaked Heartland documents
2/22/12 9:51:15 am
re: #64 Joe in Australia Basically there are 3 options. 1. If the document is authentic, somebody singled out Gleick - maybe because he is featured prominently in the document. 2. If the document is fake: 2a. this might have ...

Climate Change Denial Front Group Heartland Institute Sends Emails to Bloggers Threatening Legal Action

638Achilles Tang
2/20/12 12:17:07 pm
re: #596 SanFranciscoZionist One of their council has been quoted as saying he didn't care what happened to Iran, as long as Islam won. It's "Insha'Allah" with a bang. Whether they think they can bring it about deliberately is a ...
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Denialgate: Heartland Institute Mistakenly Emailed Internal Documents

2/15/12 11:53:35 pm
I particularly like this bit I don't remember them or anyone who believes their garbage waiting for confirmation of authenticity when it came to the hacked climate science emails. Of course they already knew they were real since they'd stolen ...

Climate Change Denial Blogs in Fail Mode Again

Yet another scientific paper that doesn’t say what they think it says
111Atlas Fails
8/29/11 4:24:34 pm
re: #94 OhCrapIHaveACrushOnSarahPalin Wow, that guy's site is treasure trove of batshit insanity. He hates atheists and Catholics, neither of which is surprising, but he seems to really have it in for Seventh Day Adventists, for some strange reason. And ...

Climate Change Denier Patrick Michaels: ‘It’s Doubtful Irene Will Even Cough Up 8 Bodies’

Climate change deniers and libertarians rush to capitalize on imperfect predictions
8/29/11 11:58:49 am
re: #441 jayzee Very true, that first para. Sorry to hear about that injury, too. That infrastructure issue, though, I hope these states with budget-slashing governments pay attention.
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Yet Another Investigation Vindicates ‘Hockey Stick’ Climate Scientist Michael Mann

‘This case is closed’
305Mad Prophet Ludwig
8/23/11 7:29:32 am
re: #257 b_sharp Programming for us is something we have to do in order to get on with our work. Experiments - good experiments at least are usually held together by duct tape. Little pieces of code get written as ...