Friday Afternoon Classic Jam: Procol Harum, ‘Whaling Stories’ (Live in Denmark 2006)

Shalimar, the trumpets chorused
1/23/15 6:53:16 pm
re: #6 blueraven Don't be like Asshole Rob Lowe. Get XFinity.

This lesser-known song from the album “Home” was always one of my favorite Procol Harum epics, and this live performance from Denmark in 2006 is actually a big improvement over the original album version, with a symphony orchestra and choir adding to the mix beautifully. I’m pretty sure some …

James Inhofe’s Climate Denier Mystery Tour

9/29/09 11:25:52 am
re: #560 LudwigVanQuixote That explains a lot, science is cool. :) (Seriously though, I believe the Spaceman meant that these were "other" problems that he was listing that he felt were more important, not alternative causes for the warmings. re: ...

Religion of Peace Strikes in Pakistan

6/03/08 10:55:56 am
To paraphrase the Simpsons: AP Reporter: Another local peasant was found decapitated this morning. There was a Koran lying nearby, and witnesses reported shouts of Allahu Ackbar. UN Peacekeepers are baffled. Blue Helmet: We think we're dealing with religious fanatics, ...