Trump’s Crazy Twitter Ranting Shows No Sign of Stopping

Our so-called president is not well
446Jebediah, RBG
6/28/17 6:28:42 pm
re: #445 makeitstop Yeah, I think a bunch of people who didn't realize it before are starting to see that trump really is a shitty black hole - get too close and you get shat on one way or another. ...

Here are some of the tweets posted so far this week alone by Donald Trump, who is the 45th president of the United States although it’s difficult to believe someone this unhinged is actually in that formerly respected office. This raging paranoid narcissist with access to the nuclear launch codes …

The Bottom 3 Stupidest Conservative Comments About Obama’s Tears Over Murdered Children

They’re having a contest
1/06/16 5:05:15 am
Conservatives don't understand why you can be emotional over innocent people dying, but I bet they shed tears when their favorite sports team wins.

Fox News Host on White House Fence Jumper: “BENGHAZI”

Stunningly stupid
87Romantic Heretic
9/22/14 1:12:37 pm
re: #59 Kragar The F35s are so expensive that they can't risk them in combat. A single bird, or rock, or bullet into an engine and BAM! goes a quarter of a billion of taxpayer money.

Right Wing Bloggers Blame Everything but Guns

Nuts about guns
12/17/12 8:03:36 pm
re: #157 Destro There have been on average 1 or 2 such attacks each year in China, generally by men with knives or hammers. Wikipedia lists 9 incidents beginning March 2010 to September 2011. The most recent attack is not ...

American Library Association Panelists Refuse to Appear with Robert Spencer

455Sacred Plants
7/13/09 1:08:46 pm
From a strictly realpolitik point of view the problem with Spencers approach to Islam is that it is unprepared to accept the possibility of victory. At the point when the war is over, what would he do, divide Islam along ...

Horowitz Unloads on Obama Derangement Syndrome

4/02/09 1:23:12 am
Obama really is a narcissist--but so was Bill Clinton. Many people who seek the public limelight, as politicians do, are narcissists. The best and one of the earliest articles on Obama's narcissism was written by Charles Krauthammer, who would be ...