Samantha Bee Recorded a Mind-Boggling Conversation About the Debate Between a Trump Fan and a Hillary Fan

10/03/16 12:36:20 pm
re: #521 sagehen Um, plane food doesn't work like that.

I almost hate to say it, but the Trump supporter in this video clip is pretty much exactly how I imagine Trump supporters on Twitter. Once again, we discover that things like “making sense” simply don’t matter to Trump fans.

The Title of Jim Hoft’s Latest Fear-Mongering Post Is Debunked by His Own Post

The idiocy. It burns.
351Khal Wimpo (the extinguisher of tiki torches)
11/01/14 3:13:55 pm
re: #329 Dark_Falcon One of the little-appreciated factors in the winning of WWII is the fact that we had so much modern infrastructure that helped us win that war. We did not win it because of the excellence of our ...

National Review Says Soccer Is the Sport of Violence, Bloodshed and Terrorism

Soccer: Official Sport of Terrorism, by Tim Cavanaugh, National Review
6/18/14 5:15:37 am
re: #293 ObserverArt Fox News fans are not "trained" as much as that whole relationship between Ailes and the Fox News fan base is more like circle-jerk than anything else.

Breitbart “News” Explains Why Coca Cola’s Multicultural “America the Beautiful” Ad Was Horribly Offensive

What right wing racism?
2/05/14 9:52:54 am
Funniest comment, in case anyone missed it: "The gays" in that case being Dave Coulier and Bob Saget from Full House, neither of whose characters were gay. They were cleaning in the ad, though, so it's easy to sympathize with ...

Michelle Malkin and the Easter Sunday Google Doodle of Doom, Mad Magazine Style

In honor of today’s events. Presented without comment.
149Eventual Carrion
3/31/13 7:55:35 pm
re: #141 Dark_Falcon For the newly uncovered soil to support a large growth will take a couple hundred years. There will be sparse vegetation that will die off and start the process of soil generation, but it is not an ...

#askFLOTUS, Hashtag for Citizens to Tweet Michelle Obama, Swarmed by Hate and Rage

319Pete Puma
3/11/13 8:26:37 pm
I think we should float a rumor that the WH used the #AskFLOTUS tweet-up as a phishing exercise to round up all those TCOT PATRIOTS~! and throw 'em in the concentration camps they're supposedly building. Pathetic.

Gabby Giffords’s Husband Buys AR-15 to Make a Point, Wingnuts Seethe With Rage

Wingnuts and gun nuts do another double back flip of rage
334W of O. The Time Zone Warrior.
3/11/13 11:03:59 am
I can't see the comments in the Gateway pundit link. Does that mean I'm blocked?? If so, COOL!!! Small message to Hoft: Image: cZCTsTM.jpg

Wingnut Nontroversy of the Day: ‘Obama’s 9-11 Proclamation Does Not Mention God’

Neither did Pres. George W. Bush (R) for the years 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, and 2008.
9/11/12 10:11:38 am
If my personal religious beliefs do not include constant, slavish validation from everyone on the planet, the only possible explanation is that my beliefs are under attack!