Trump Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon Is a Fan of Satan. Yes, Really.

And other evil villains
11/18/16 7:04:16 pm
re: #248 thedopefishlives It would depend on the distance. Nuking something out around the orbit of Mars would not affect us much, because of the inverse square law. Waiting till the asteroid got closer would be dangerous, but not because ...

There’s a lot to be appalled and disgusted about in this interview with Donald Trump’s chief strategist, the infamous white supremacist who turned Breitbart “News” into “the platform for the alt-right.” But you have to wonder how the religious right bigwigs who lined up to support Trump feel when …

Former Colin Powell Aide: Dick Cheney ‘Fears Being Tried As a War Criminal’

Shots fired
8/31/11 4:27:10 am
Torturers - especially the torturers in the employ of the state - are always on the level of the Stalin's USSR, if not Nazi Germany. No matter the excuse or motivation. Re-read Stalin's torture order, find 10 differences, try to ...