Dumbest Man on Internet Falls for Long-Debunked Fake, Doubles Down

Deserving of the title
418Reality Based Steve
1/25/14 1:06:22 pm
re: #397 CuriousLurker Sounds like you took a trip into, if not the "Uncanny Valley", then you were in the same region. (and yes, it threw me for a minute too, I was thinking it was a prosthetic leg). RBS ...

This stupid, obviously faked “foreign student ID card” for Barack Obama has been debunked for years, but continues to circulate in the Birther dungeons of the far right — and no dungeon is deeper, darker, or dumber than the place where Mr. Jim Hoft hangs his very small hat: Making …

Jim Hoft’s Dishonest Post of the Day: The Tea Party Rapist That Was

Imagine that - a popular right wing blogger who lies outright
203Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
3/19/12 3:43:53 pm
re: #202 funky chicken I really don't like committing people on that basis. It should only be after a psychiatric diagnosis. I'm fine with him getting a psych workup, and, as I said, he ought to have been held for ...

Michele Bachmann (R-Mars) Wows Them in Iowa

Bachmann steals the show from Gingrich, Bolton, Barbour, and Cain
3/28/11 11:01:54 am
I embarrassed to from/living in Iowa. It would serve us right to lose our treasured first in the nation caucus due to nominating Bachmann, or any of the other crazies.

Michele Bachmann (R-Mars) Throws Her Tinfoil Hat in the Ring

The 2012 election will be an unprecedented wingnut-fest
3/24/11 1:51:57 pm
I say non-stop Michelle for 364/24 on a major channel of her choice with a web cam in her house so when she comes up with more gems she can spit them out. Let her talk and talk and talk ...

Michele Bachmann: The Media’s Persecuting Me By Quoting My Words

The ever popular media persecution whine
3/16/11 12:26:48 pm
Being a sexist pig, I'd love to see a Palin-Bachmann (or Bachmann-Palin) GOP ticket in 2012. They're both very good looking as far as older women go. I wouldn't vote for them in a million years. But then, I won't ...

Bachmann Dives Into the Gutter

Remember when Republicans used to get upset about disrespecting the President?
2/24/11 9:35:03 am
re: #212 Sergey Romanov No of course not, but there's no good reason to cut it off right at the 2nd vs. 3rd trimester, because if we're talking viability of the fetus to live on it's own, it's getting to ...