Dumbest Man on Internet Falls for Long-Debunked Fake, Doubles Down

Deserving of the title
418Reality Based Steve
1/25/14 1:06:22 pm
re: #397 CuriousLurker Sounds like you took a trip into, if not the "Uncanny Valley", then you were in the same region. (and yes, it threw me for a minute too, I was thinking it was a prosthetic leg). RBS ...
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This stupid, obviously faked “foreign student ID card” for Barack Obama has been debunked for years, but continues to circulate in the Birther dungeons of the far right — and no dungeon is deeper, darker, or dumber than the place where Mr. Jim Hoft hangs his very small hat: Making …

Jim Hoft’s Dishonest Post of the Day: The Tea Party Rapist That Was

Imagine that - a popular right wing blogger who lies outright
203Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
3/19/12 3:43:53 pm
re: #202 funky chicken I really don't like committing people on that basis. It should only be after a psychiatric diagnosis. I'm fine with him getting a psych workup, and, as I said, he ought to have been held for ...
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