Trump Hasn’t Even Taken Office Yet, but He’s Already Provoking a Diplomatic Crisis With China

To help his business
393Feline Fearless Leader
12/03/16 8:20:42 am
re: #303 thedopefishlives When he starting shilling Trump Fall-out Shelters you should get very very concerned.

He isn’t even in the White House yet, but Donald Trump is already provoking a serious diplomatic dispute with China by making a direct call to the president of Taiwan — even though the US position is that Taiwan is part of China. And the motivation behind this dangerous …

Obama Officials Say Talks with Iran Still Going Ahead

279Land Shark
6/29/09 7:27:19 am
I think it's always important to remember that Barrack Obama is an ideological creature first and foremost. His ideology trumps all, regardless. I believe he's not going to "learn" from what's going on because he will reject or ignore anything ...