Last Month Was the Hottest September Since They Started Keeping Records

The changes are accelerating
10/13/14 8:01:16 pm
18 years no warming. Yadda yadda. Antarctic sea ice growing. Yadda. Volcanoes. Yadda yadda. It is tiring. None of that counts for squat. CO2 is a greenhouse gas, period. It will eventually do what it does.

Iraq’s Maliki Government Requested US Air Strikes - Denied

The consequences of George W. Bush’s adventure
6/12/14 9:20:46 pm
re: #272 iossarian "The right-wing "intelligentsia" is chock-full of these people. They can be wrong on everything over and over again and yet never lose their Very Serious status or Brookings Institution stipends." Brookings has a reputation of being more ...

Climate Scientist on Frightening Antarctic Ice Melt: “This Is Really Happening”

It’s real
5/13/14 11:17:23 am
re: #324 wheat-doggha -- oo bird outside my window I thought this was more interesting. Jim can buy another Nereus plus backup with his petty cash, no doubt. Neo-Nazi murderer-rapist kills self in Mass. prison: 'World better place without him' ...

OK Sen. Coburn Will Demand Cuts to Pay for Tornado Relief

Heartless far right bastard stays consistent
5/22/13 3:03:46 am
re: #3 Sol Berdinowitz The Cherokee were forced into OK by the white men from their homelands in what is now NC and the surrounding area. They don't have an ancestral claim to OK. Does the name "Trail of Tears" ...

Breaking: Airplane Crash at Reno Air Races

‘A mass casualty situation’
9/17/11 11:17:23 am
re: #531 Obdicut I found it interesting and enjoyed reading it, thinking about my journey. I didn't accept the entirety of Rand's gospel but one thing that stuck with me was the 'rational self interest' part. My interpretation of that, ...