Sources: Train Reportedly Speeding When It Derailed - UPDATE: @ChuckCJohnson Spews Racism, Tries to Dox Engineer

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5/13/15 8:34:49 pm
re: #172 allegro Actually, George W. is big brother. He's 6 years older than Jeb
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The news of the day is the terrible Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia; and now reports are emerging that the train was traveling at more than twice the speed limit as it entered a sharp S-curve. UPDATE at 5/13/15 11:15:55 am by Charles Johnson Presented without comment:

Iraq’s Maliki Government Requested US Air Strikes - Denied

The consequences of George W. Bush’s adventure
6/12/14 9:20:46 pm
re: #272 iossarian "The right-wing "intelligentsia" is chock-full of these people. They can be wrong on everything over and over again and yet never lose their Very Serious status or Brookings Institution stipends." Brookings has a reputation of being more ...

Climate Scientist on Frightening Antarctic Ice Melt: “This Is Really Happening”

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re: #324 wheat-doggha -- oo bird outside my window I thought this was more interesting. Jim can buy another Nereus plus backup with his petty cash, no doubt. Neo-Nazi murderer-rapist kills self in Mass. prison: 'World better place without him' ...