House GOP Wants to Cut $1B From Disaster Funds to Finance Trump’s Imaginary Border Wall

375The Vicious Babushka
8/31/17 12:50:04 pm
re: #266 gocart mozart There was already a debate about his "points" it was called "World War II"

How can you even start talking about how utterly despicable and morally bankrupt this one is? House GOP eyeing $1B disaster funds cut to finance wall.

Video: Aerial View of NJ Coast After Hurricane Sandy

A look at a small part of the disaster
330Feline Fearless Leader
10/31/12 4:10:46 am
re: #278 HappyWarrior And if you've read this stuff and how the blood spilled in the American Civil War would be sopped up by a handkerchief you probably looked on the "We will be greeted as liberators" crap leading up ...

NJ Gov. Christie Praises Obama’s Response to Hurricane Sandy: “Outstanding”

But he’ll pay for this
10/30/12 9:19:00 pm
re: #23 Kragar Governor Christie must seem very puzzling to the people at Fox "News". A politician who's actually interested in governing? A politician who has something on his mind other than horse-race politics? That does not compute.