Following the Passage of Bobby Jindal’s Stealth Creationism Law, Louisiana Leads the Way Into the New Dark Age

Welcome to the new Dark Age
6/03/15 6:27:31 pm
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In 2008, I wrote about the awful stealth creationist bill signed into law by Republican Governor Bobby Jindal, and predicted it would lead to a giant step backward for science education. It gives me no joy to report, via Zack Kopplin (who’s doing an awesome job of bringing this awfulness …

GOP Tennessee Governor Haslam to Sign Anti-Evolution Bill

Really stupid
4/07/12 10:02:27 am
There will be a day when Western civilization will look back and regard the Religious Right's opposition to "evolution by natural selection" as absurd as the Church's denial of the existence of atoms, or the vacuum, or the sun as ...
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Creationists in Louisiana Eager to Litigate for Jesus

8/03/10 11:18:31 pm
re: #175 HoosierHoops The rich and the "experts" forecast gloom and doom so the unwary, the stupid, and the nervous will sell. Then the gloom-and-doomers buy and get some nice gains when the market rebounds. Personally, now that I have ...

Why Creationists Seek to Influence Texas Schoolbook Purchases

140Slumbering Behemoth Stinks
1/09/10 2:13:45 am
re: #136 Hakkoryu And BTW, ID/Creationism is not a credible, demonstrable theory, scientific or otherwise. If there is anyone who is a "sad" example of rational thought, it is those who believe it is. Tell me, what testable, falsifiable hypotheses ...
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