In Which Trump Spends 20 Minutes at a Florida Hospital Before Another Golf Vacation

5 days, 3 hours ago
You'd think Curling would be the national sport of Republicans with all the sweeping away stuff...

Our so-called president announced that he was going to Parkland, Florida, today to “meet with some of the bravest people on Earth.” He did go to Parkland. But not for any kind of public statement. He spent a maximum of 20 minutes total at Broward Health North hospital, and it’s …

Today Donald Trump Retweeted 3 Anti-Muslim Propaganda Videos From a British Fascist Group

Sarah Huckabee Sanders says “who cares if they’re real or not?”
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11/29/17 6:55:53 pm
re: #392 dangerman When Moore won his runoff, I figured we had 1 chance in 30 of winning with Jones. Now it could be as high as one chance in 4.