Yet Another Bogus Story About Clinton’s “Email Scandal” Collapses

Why is this still a thing?
4/02/16 8:28:10 am
Trey Gowdy will find a way to get this to November. That's why he needed to lower to # of agents by 135 - because 147 agents would have finished this up months ago.

You may recall that last week, all the right wing media sites and blogs blew up over a report from the Washington Post that the FBI had 147 agents currently investigating Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State. The conservative …

ZOMG, Hamas Hangs Young Kids on Fence to use as Human Shields!

Or, people will believe ANY damned thing
8/05/14 9:23:42 am
re: #160 Charles Johnson You were very, very wise to run away screaming from the right-wingers when you did. It's a pity that some of the people who were here during the process didn't learn from your experience and are ...

Muslim Brotherhood ‘Uses Puppies as Firebombs?’

“Anti-jihad” bigots get even crazier
11/03/13 10:24:38 pm
Thanks to all of you for your funny & informative responses. After waking up this morning, reading this story, and then Paging it, I decided it was a good day to take a break from the internet. It's heartening to ...

Romney Campaign Boasts About Dishonest Ad: ‘It Worked’

Openly lying to get elected
75Achilles Tang
11/24/11 8:58:57 am
re: #74 chunkymonkey There is truth in that, but the fringe does control because as usual the "silent majority" (I hope) is not as active in the case of presidential primaries in particular. There is no point in appealing to ...

Mitt Romney’s First Ad is Based on a Blatant Lie

When did this become acceptable politics?
11/23/11 6:10:31 pm
Once again, Republican politicians and pundits demonstrate that when reality conflicts with their (frequently irrational and hyperbolic) rhetoric, they opt to ignore reality. Romney and the other GOP candidates really don't give a crap whether their talking points are factually ...

Breitbart’s Big Gov’t Publishes Pathetically Bad Global Warming Article

Riddled with errors and outright lies
9/19/11 3:33:03 pm
re: #137 Dom It's intentionally "misremembered". Jyrki Kauppinen is a part of the professional obfuscation industry whose name was in the news on right wing blogs last April.