In Which Ben Shapiro Blatantly Twists Obama’s Words (Again)

The dishonest propaganda never stops
69Shiplord Kirel, live from behind wingnut lines
10/12/15 6:57:42 pm
re: #64 The Vicious Babushka What are those made from? Fossil mammoth hide?

Right wingers do this ridiculous word-twisting game all the time, distorting absolutely anything President Obama says to make it look like he’s an evil tyrant who hates America. But this one is especially egregious and flat stupid, and it comes from Breitbart clown Ben Shapiro, published at something called …

Is the XKeyScore Code Released in Germany Faked?

Expert analysis uncovers serious misrepresentations and possible fakery
7/09/14 1:13:04 pm
re: #97 a7214418 But thanks for the interesting bit about NYT's complete incompetence in covering up the super-duper-classified bits. By simply removing the black rectangles one can see the name of the author, among other things. What a bunch of ...

Click This Link and the NSA Will Spy on You for the Rest of Your Life

Most ridiculous hyperbole yet?
313unproven innocence
7/03/14 4:42:09 pm
Charles - "If you click the link, don't blame me ..." Too late. For years, I've already been visiting heavily monitored sites like boingboing, linuxjournal, krebsonsecurity, schneier's blog, grc, and (ahem) lgf. But I think my life wreckage began when ...

Guardian “Readers’ Editor” Discovers Their NSA Reporting Has Been Flawless

Sheer perfection in every way, a shining diamond of journalism
9/23/13 10:28:58 pm
re: #324 Killgore Trout wingnuts will cite him on how a "concerned citizen" can and does thwart attacks by terrorists, never mind that he's a trained professional, all gun nut wingnuts believe that they're the equivalent of an off-duty SAS ...

Guardian’s Story Changes Again: Now They Admit David Miranda Did Have a Lawyer

Editing reality to fit the narrative
8/22/13 7:55:08 pm
re: #467 Killgore Trout I just have a hard time squaring that with an American President whose attitude towards torture was "Just change the name and knock yourselves out, guys." You'd think that fear of being prosecuted for torturing other ...

CNET Says NSA “Admits” Listening to US Phone Calls - But That’s Not What the Video Shows

6/16/13 10:01:20 am
I just read at buzzfeed that Rep. Nadler is refuting the CNET report. From the Buzzfeed update: Update Rep. Nadler in a statement to BuzzFeed says: "I am pleased that the administration has reiterated that, as I have always believed, ...

Greenwald Gloats, Twists Words of National Intelligence Director

Why libertarians love him so
70unproven innocence
6/09/13 2:00:00 pm
re: #34 Charles Johnson I don't think it's so far off-base. I've transcribed [partially] some explanation of "the situation" by William Binney, starting at 30:00 into this video, Laura Poitras Surveillance Teach-In - YouTube Bolding is mine for emphasis, and ...

Romney Campaign Boasts About Dishonest Ad: ‘It Worked’

Openly lying to get elected
75Achilles Tang
11/24/11 8:58:57 am
re: #74 chunkymonkey There is truth in that, but the fringe does control because as usual the "silent majority" (I hope) is not as active in the case of presidential primaries in particular. There is no point in appealing to ...

Mitt Romney’s First Ad is Based on a Blatant Lie

When did this become acceptable politics?
11/23/11 6:10:31 pm
Once again, Republican politicians and pundits demonstrate that when reality conflicts with their (frequently irrational and hyperbolic) rhetoric, they opt to ignore reality. Romney and the other GOP candidates really don't give a crap whether their talking points are factually ...