In a Rush to Blame the Left, White House Press Corps-Accredited Gateway Pundit Doxes Wrong Person in High School Shooting

2/15/18 9:50:40 am
re: #265 jaunte We punish people that require narcotics for chronic pain by restricting the dispensing of those medications because people abuse them. No one seems to have any problem with that. I guess you're not a real man if ...

Jim Hoft (aka, the Stupidest Man on the Internet) collaborator Lucian Wintrich is definitely working with the right person, because he’s equally hateful and equally stupid. (That’s his headline above.) In the wake of today’s awful mass shooting at a Florida high school, Wintrich followed in Hoft’s footsteps with one …

Wikileaks Threatens to Dox All Verified Twitter Users, Then Deletes the Tweet

Creepy threatening tweet goes down the memory hole
438Pawn of the Oppressor
1/07/17 3:51:53 pm
re: #321 CuriousLurker My best friend grew up there. She's lesbian and her first girlfriend was black. Growing up, she had to literally drive out of town to be herself, although aside from that, she said her adolescence wasn't that ...

Chuck C. Johnson Publishes “Clock Kid” Ahmed Mohamed’s Phone Number, Encourages Harassment

But the number has been disconnected
10/01/15 10:57:38 am
re: #81 Backwoods_Sleuth Mine positions himself strategically across the bathmat when I'm in the shower. Not only are my glasses off (which means I'm blind as a bat) but there's the added embarrassment factor that the paramedics would have to ...

Chuck C. Johnson Trying to Use Twitter to Dox Another Rape Victim

Presented without further comment
461Jay in Oregon
1/24/15 9:14:05 am
I know conservatives like to rile up and piss liberals off, then use that as "proof" of how despicable we are. But in CCJ's case I don't give a rat's ass. If he couldn't use the internet to harass people ...