Drudge Report Finally Has Proof: Obama Is the Devil

Yes, he is the Anti-Christ, this proves it!
69De Kolta Chair
9/12/14 6:39:34 am
Actual photograph of bald eagle flying out of FDR's head
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One of the top stories of the day at Drudge Report. Finally, proof that Obama is in fact the devil. Here is a clearer picture of our Lucifer-in-Chief. Edit: Here is a close up, courtesy of Charles. Much appreciated.

Fact Checking: ‘Obama DHS Purchases 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks’

Conspiracy mongers are still spreading a lie about DHS “tanks”
3/13/13 1:13:41 pm
re: #119 TANSTAAFLusa CORRECTION Previous post should be "Fourth, you are the one mistaking skepticism for paranoia. I am NOT hiding out in a bunker, declaring war on the US, buying guns or gold, or exaggerating facts to gain support." ...
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