Definitely the Dumbest Right Wing Rant of the Week: Todd Starnes on “Hispanic Cheese”

Fox News star lapses into paranoid fugue state while shopping
445Jay in Oregon
3/28/14 9:39:13 am
Yes, Todd, big government is going to segregate our food by ethnicity and bust you if you go to the wrong aisle in the grocery store for violating "tolerance and diversity regulations". FFS. That column is ample evidence that it's ...

Dumbest Man on Internet Falls for Long-Debunked Fake, Doubles Down

Deserving of the title
418Reality Based Steve
1/25/14 1:06:22 pm
re: #397 CuriousLurker Sounds like you took a trip into, if not the "Uncanny Valley", then you were in the same region. (and yes, it threw me for a minute too, I was thinking it was a prosthetic leg). RBS ...

Hilarious: Daily Show Apologizes to Egypt for Bachmann, King, and Gohmert

America’s three stupidest people go on a nervous field trip
9/15/13 8:24:49 pm
re: #96 catfitz56 Update -- Correction -- the piece in Vanity Fair was nasty about Charles *Krauthammer*. Brown was nasty about Charles *Johnson* *on the chatlog* which has mysteriously disappeared from Pastebin despite being around for years. Obviously, the relationship ...

Bryan Fischer Recycles an Especially Dopey Jim Hoft Conspiracy Theory

Idiots of a feather
42(Bert the Turtle)
8/15/13 7:01:41 pm
re: #39 Amory Blaine Gah.. no local coverage of this at all. Even when they do cover the Capitol arrests they never mention the details that would make most moderates question the tactics. Fuck it, time to go lay into ...

Jim Hoft’s Breaking Bombshell of the Day: Victim of Terrorism Visited by Michelle Obama!

Idiocy ever deeper
188Reality Based Steve
4/25/13 11:14:10 am
I love how the Right Wing Nut Jobs (RWNJ) can hold two contradictory "Facts" as true at the same time. GENUINE FACT: M. Obama visited him in the hospital, along with other victims. "RWNJ FACT": He was added to the ...

Dumbest Man on Internet’s New Paranoid Fantasy: VA Prohibits Veterans From Owning Guns!

Yes, another stupid lie from Jim Hoft
2/23/13 5:34:17 pm
re: #220 Dark_Falcon So then Obama's not coming to take all the veterans' guns away (or the rest of our guns either)? Why does your party keep pushing this paranoid b.s. fantasy?

Dumbest Man on Internet Jeers Washington Post Blogger for Correcting Error

Still waiting for Jim Hoft to correct a single mistake, ever
2/12/13 6:33:13 pm
re: #75 RadicalModerate Isn't the "freedom party" what the Nazi analogs called themselves in Harry Turtledove's universe where the south won the civil war?