Tuesday Night Acoustic Guitar: Tommy Emmanuel, Train to Dusseldorf

So good
11/27/13 12:23:37 pm
re: #213 Justanotherhuman Derek is well respected among his peers (some of whom wish they had his chops). The buzz around Derek from a very early age has always been, "wow have you seen this kid play the guitar? He's ...

The reason why I post so many Tommy Emmanuel videos: because he’s so totally amazing.

Video: Telephone Helicopter Applause Gunshot

Electronic in Dusseldorf
23Birth Control Works
10/22/11 8:24:13 pm
Just finished watching Lost in Detention from the thread below. I'm disgusted with Congress. Unthinkable human rights violations ON US SOIL. Bush II had the only workable plan and even Obama can't accomplish it because of CONGRESS. I am so ...