Boston Globe: Islam May Have Had Secondary Role in Boston Bombings

Countdown to giant Pamela Geller freakout…
4/20/13 6:21:29 pm
re: #114 biorabbi I disagree. To the extent that UBL had rational goals for his war they weren't about us at all. Al Qaeda had already failed to gain popularity and he hoped that being seen attacking the infidel would ...

Yes, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Has Miranda Protections

Even if he isn’t read Miranda
132Decatur Deb
4/20/13 3:59:41 pm
re: #71 William Barnett-Lewis Yes. Going with 12.4 because it has a longer 'support' date than the new one. Might drop my machine back to Ubuntu from Mint--just don't like the look/feel.