Joseph Farah: Virginia Earthquake a Sign from the Big Guy

Signs and portents
8/26/11 9:29:49 pm
re: #19 imp_62 Thank you! I've been trying to point out that He struck an area that pointedly has NOT voted for full civil rights for all its citizens!!

After the Virginia earthquake, you knew it was just a matter of time before one of the religious right’s odd fear-mongering fanatics started ranting defensively about signs from the heavens; World Net Daily publisher and relentless Birther Joseph Farah is one of the first out of the gate. For some …

First Wingnut Blogger to Bash Obama for Earthquake: Jim ‘Dim’ Hoft

8/24/11 3:41:50 pm
My God. The White House should have gone into crisis mode -- alert the National Guard, the Red Cross, FEMA. Because a quasi-moderate earthquake which caused no serious casualties and only minor damage clearly calls for Obama's full and undivided ...