Former Director of US Foreign Disaster Assistance on Trump: “Welcome to My Nightmare”

Not a theoretical threat
2/18/17 10:08:28 pm
re: #156 Charles Johnson And I got into it - for exactly the same reason.

Jeremy Konyndyk was the Director of US Foreign Disaster Assistance under President Obama, and he posted this chilling series of tweets yesterday about the ultimate nightmare scenario: the highly likely outbreak of a dangerous disease or virus during the Trump administration. This is terrifying stuff, and it’s coming from …


Yet Another Bogus Ebola-Obama Conspiracy Story From the Dumbest Man on the Internet

Another derptastic right wing blogosphere moment
664Charles Johnson
11/07/14 8:55:38 am
re: #206 shawnthesheep It wouldn't be horrible at all if the Obama administration asked media to be responsible in their Ebola coverage, I agree. But the fact is that they aren't.
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Oregon: Test Shows Liberian Woman Under Observation Does Not Have Ebola

Another false alarm
11/04/14 2:55:43 pm
re: #235 leftynyc Those who care nothing for their fellow Americans, and who pray for Ebola, are a misfortune for both you and me. As to caring nothing for actual governing, is this not somewhat belied by the gusto with ...

The Title of Jim Hoft’s Latest Fear-Mongering Post Is Debunked by His Own Post

The idiocy. It burns.
351Khal Wimpo (the extinguisher of tiki torches)
11/01/14 3:13:55 pm
re: #329 Dark_Falcon One of the little-appreciated factors in the winning of WWII is the fact that we had so much modern infrastructure that helped us win that war. We did not win it because of the excellence of our ...
Chuck C. Johnson posing with his best friend

The Unethical, Dishonest Ebola Coverage of Right Wing Stalker Chuck C. Johnson

Lies, personal attacks and unethical behavior
11/01/14 9:05:26 am
"Ethics" and "Ethical Behavior" have never had any place in the right wing mindset. Ever. "Might Makes Right" and any means to the ideological goal are the keystones of their ideology. This is the sort of world they wish to ...

Maine Judge Lifts Mandatory Quarantine on Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox

Somebody’s confused
10/31/14 8:55:19 pm
Active monitoring =/= quarantine. If you go to the CDC website, you can search for "Interim guidance on monitoring and movement for persons with potential Ebola exposure." Table 1 explains exactly what the risk categories are and what level of ...

Jim Hoft Repeats the Right Wing Lie of the Week: That Nurse Kaci Hickox Hid Her CDC Job

Horrible people doing horrible things to decent people
212Decatur Deb
10/28/14 3:09:25 pm
re: #211 ausador "Say Pierre, do me a favor m'kay? These paid hacks are really starting to piss me off. Just pay them to sit around and do nothing. They're lazy, they'll bite." "Sure thing Mr. President."

Breaking: Andrew Cuomo Backs Down - Health Workers Exposed to Ebola Will Self-Quarantine at Home

The walk-back
367Higgs Boson's Mate
10/27/14 7:49:22 am
re: #322 freetoken That piece made me think of those nations that put education on a pedestal, even to the extent of providing free or low cost college tuition. The fools: all they need is the Bible. We're gonna' so ...
Chuck C. Johnson posing with his best friend

In Which Chuck C. Johnson Lies About Quarantined Nurse Kaci Hickox’s CDC Employment

The egregious dishonesty of a right wing smear merchant continues
10/28/14 6:58:04 am
re: #176 Charles Johnson Charles, The more I reread that sentence, it makes sense that your reading is correct and your clarification in this posting makes it clear. Thank you.

NIH’s Dr. Anthony Fauci: Mandatory Quarantines Will Have “Unintended Consequences”

Pushing back against ignorant policy
146Three Chord Monty
10/27/14 10:52:54 am
re: #144 plf1953 Having nothing to do with Ebola, right-wingers, or anything else, Fauci is my enemy. As someone diagnosed with "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome," he is as responsible as anyone else on the planet for allowing the government to do ...
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Panic-Stricken Politicians Force Mandatory Quarantine on Ebola Health Workers

When blind fear determines public policy
10/26/14 12:20:49 pm
re: #410 Aunty Entity Dragon Oh, give it a rest. I'm just fucking with our Rah, Rah, Go Team GOP lizard. I wouldn't vote for Rauner if he shit gold bricks and gave me several, regardless of who D_F is ...