So Today, the Republican Party Stole the Future of America

439Decatur Deb
12/20/17 6:49:00 pm
re: #436 Kilroy was here The 'short' DVD version was a good length.

With a bill conceived in secret and rushed through both houses of Congress with no debate or review, the Republican Party has now set the American economy on a fast track to ruin: House Passes Tax Bill (Again), Sends To Trump To Sign Into Law. And they’re still lying about …

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Donald Trump’s Whiplash on Wages

He was against high wages before he was for them
12/28/15 5:44:25 pm
re: #344 Nyet And the whole fucking Cleveland Police Department needs to be indicted by the Feds, have an overview board setup to determine policy changes and the further employment of all of the staff and to run the department ...

The people overseas who make your clothes are rioting…

The high cost of low price
176Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
9/28/13 10:28:08 am
re: #175 Political Atheist No, you're making up a strawman of my argument and attacking it, as you do far too often. Costs cannot be ignored. Higher production costs prompt a decision: Whether you want to raise the prices, shrinking ...

Video: President Obama on Meet the Press

“The pressure’s on Congress to produce”
12/30/12 7:04:49 pm
re: #25 dragonfire1981 1. They're not six years old; 2. We feed them too well already. If we did like the old British judges did 200 years ago, we'd lock them in a room without food until they came up ...