The people overseas who make your clothes are rioting…

The high cost of low price
176Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
9/28/13 10:28:08 am
re: #175 Political Atheist No, you're making up a strawman of my argument and attacking it, as you do far too often. Costs cannot be ignored. Higher production costs prompt a decision: Whether you want to raise the prices, shrinking ...
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Report: Jobs Up, Unemployment Down, Right Wing Goes Nuts

It’s a conspiracy!
10/05/12 6:31:42 pm
This was inevitable. Many Republican pundits and right wing extremists in the blogosphere regard positive employment reports in the same manner that they view Obama's birth certificate, climate change data, and claims that bin Laden is dead -- denial, denial, ...

Reagan Budget Adviser David Stockman: Ryan’s Budget a ‘Fairy Tale’

A take-down from the right
105Romantic Heretic
8/14/12 3:46:22 pm
I'm going to disagree with Stockman about sales taxes being efficient. They're inefficient as hell since they turn every small business into tax collectors. This wastes their time when they could be doing business. Sales taxes are also highly regressive ...
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