LA Times Pulls No Punches in New Editorial Series: “Our Dishonest President”

Nothing prepared us for the magnitude of this train wreck
74Major Tom
4/03/17 12:16:45 pm
re: #63 Backwoods_Sleuth "They sent Jared to Iraq." "To Fight?" "No, Trump's son in law.... So, nooooo...."

If you read only one editorial today, make it this one from the Los Angeles Times — a measure of how terrible a predicament the United States is in with an unhinged sociopath in the Oval Office: Our Dishonest President. Read the whole thing. Calling out the Trump Horror is …

New York Times Front Page Editorial: End the Gun Epidemic in America

The United States is not trying
12/06/15 5:41:28 am
re: #396 meteor What we have is sociopatholical behavior as being realized as a cultural and ideological advantage by our right wing. It is also meant to be implemented as American domestic and foreign policy. It is how they now ...

Washington Post Editorial: The Death of an Ambassador

Over the line, Willard
534Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
9/13/12 3:00:56 pm
re: #533 Peter_P3 Yeah, you overreacted really badly, which led to you making the stupid accusation that I think Obama is perfect. But why'd you overreact so badly? Do you think lecturing Americans right after we've lost four of our ...