Trump Horror, Day 14: Creationist Religious Fanatic to Head Education Dept., Trump Will Kill Dodd-Frank Rules

459John Hughes
2/04/17 12:05:01 am
re: #240 lawhawk If Trump is going to go after Iran's proxies in Yemen then AlQ are your allies.

The destruction of the United States is accelerating again. A religious fanatic who has donated millions to creationist groups, and knows nothing about education, is about to become the Secretary of Education. And Donald Trump is preparing to bring back the financial crisis by rolling back the Dodd-Frank regulations …

Lubbock Area Teacher’s Controversial #Imnotracist Post Going Viral

6/11/15 5:46:34 pm
re: #118 majii This. But in China, it's very common for teachers to openly criticize and/or marginalize students in very harsh ways. My college students have many horror stories to share with me. It's like Tiger Mom/Eagle Dad, but much ...

Right Wing CO School Board Member: The US “Voluntarily Ended Slavery”

Right wing history
10/03/14 4:54:19 pm
It's true: my great-grandfather happily left his home and his new bride and son to join the Light Artillery, and participate in a lot of the worst battles in the West: Shiloh and Stones River and Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge. ...

Texas GOP Education Board Candidate: “We Know We Didn’t Come From Monkeys!”

And mah granddaddy didn’t come from no monkey neither!
1/10/14 7:56:23 am
re: #383 Gus Well, honestly what kind of thesis would you start out with? "I believe if we shut down these swollen lanes of constantly-flowing cars, shit will get all fucked-up right around heah." I wonder if Christie works with ...

Video: Bill Moyers With Zack Kopplin - Fighting Creeping Creationism

The creationist right never went away, and now they’re back stronger than ever
3/04/13 11:29:23 am
re: #95 abolitionist Except that, as a private Christian school, they probably have the Get Out of the Fourteenth Amendment Free card of considering all employees to be "ministers." Because ministers can be fired for "not adhering to the church's ...

Gallup Poll: 58% of Republicans Are Young Earth Creationists

Not getting better
6/05/12 2:39:37 am
On a positive note, whereas the percentage of people who believe in creationism has increased only 2% since 1982, the percentage of those who believe in evolution has increased 6% since then. It's only the (arguably wishy-washy) God-aided evolution position ...

Romney Insists Class Size Is Less Important Than ‘School Choice’

Mitt tells teachers he knows better than they do
5/24/12 10:07:33 pm
Mounting the soapbox as a long-time teacher ... Romney is full of shit. One contrarian study does not balance the overwhelming number of studies that find strong correlations between small class size and student performance. Besides, it's just common sense ...

Stephen Colbert Interviews Texas School Board Creationist Don McLeroy

This nut was in charge of textbook standards that influenced the whole country
4/24/12 7:58:41 pm
Charles Johnson We're in complete agreement here. I fear for the future of our children because of people like Don McLeroy. As far as I'm concerned he has no business calling himself a skeptic so long as he doesn't accept ...

Video: The Heartland Institute’s Department of Education

The future, in denial
191Charles Johnson
2/28/12 1:16:39 pm
Another similarity: when you'd actually look up a creationist's quote or article citation, you'd invariably find that they had: 1) distorted or changed it, 2) taken it wildly out of context, or 3) totally made the whole thing up. The ...

Michele Bachmann: Public Schools Should Teach Creationism

Michele Bachmann wants your children to be ignorant
6/19/11 4:23:21 pm
re: #24 engineer dog I confess I have never read Eric Ericsson's stuff, so pardon this question. Does he always write like this? It reads like a high school essay, or an especially long-winded version of "One night, at band ...