Sarah Palin on Why McCain-Palin Lost in 2008: ‘I Wasn’t at the Top of the Ticket’

Palin would’ve won there, you betcha
3/20/11 3:16:01 pm
re: #9 elizajane Well, yes, but Bush was a much bigger reason because he'd actually served as president for eight years. (I almost typed twelve years, but it just FELT like twelve years.) For Palin to cause the amount of ...

Sarah Palin’s on one of her rare trips outside the US, and told a reporter for India Today that the reason why the Republican ticket failed to win in 2008 was because

Center-Right Nation: Exit Stage Left?

11/23/08 2:14:17 am
THE GOP'S FUTURE - What A Mystery! 1) The GOP elite has its candidate selected by Dems, trucked in from neighboring states, under their politically-correct "open" primary system. 2) The GOP elite endorses a lame duck who a few short ...

Should the GOP Double Down on Social Conservatism?

11/10/08 7:01:42 am
re: #1460 Charles Sorry... I just can't let this go. Whatever you think of Bobby's religious views... remember this, he's a Rhodes scholar whiz kid and a champion of reform and fiscal conservatism. He has a very solid record. He ...