Mitt Romney: “It Kills Me Not to Be in the White House”

Multi-millionaire didn’t get what he was entitled to, whines
127Sir John Barron
3/04/13 8:00:25 am
re: #121 Vicious Babushka I thought one of his boys, probably the one that wanted to punch PBO, some time ago said Mitt really didn't want the job afterall?
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See, the thing is, Mitt Romney was supposed to win the presidency. He was entitled to win. And he would have, too, if only he hadn’t been up against a guy who gives away free stuff to those troublesome minorities. How can you fight against that? Can you blame Mitt …

Romney Retreats to Multi-Million Dollar Mansion to Mourn His Loss

“Who will make my peanut butter sandwiches now? Oh yeah, the maid.”
12/02/12 3:43:31 pm
Poor little rich boy. Kissing all that ass and losing every last drop of self respect and anything even remotely resembling a soul. The Empty Man still can't figure out what happened. It's simple, Mitt. You suck. Now go cry ...

Likely House Judiciary Chairman Is an Anti-Immigration Extremist and Birther

“Anchor babies” kook will head the panel that oversees immigration
11/12/12 7:29:15 am
Goodlatte has been a filthy lying sonofabitch since he straight up lied about horse slaughter years ago, when there was a big move to make a federal amendment to end it. I was there. I saw it. I know what ...