This Actually Happened: At Event Honoring Native American Veterans, Trump Suddenly Starts Ranting, Calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas”

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177Quoth the raven, Covfefe.
11/27/17 3:48:56 pm
Wow. He got owned, so he went and ... owned himself? What a derp.

Today, at an event honoring Native American veterans (“code talkers”), our addled Bigot in Chief suddenly started rambling about Elizabeth Warren, and right in front of the veterans, called her “Pocahontas.” Seriously, what the hell is WRONG with this guy? UPDATE at 11/27/17 1:22:34 pm by Charles Johnson UPDATE …

Elizabeth Warren: We Must Oppose the Nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court

“We don’t need another justice who spends his time looking out for those with money and influence.”
2/01/17 4:22:59 pm
re: #544 Puss Power I drive a VW Rabbit. I used to have a lowered GTi and was out driving the small back highways here in Ohio down in the Hocking Hills area. There was a male turkey getting ready ...

Watch Live: 2016 Democratic Convention, Featuring Elizabeth Warren

7/25/16 11:25:10 pm
re: #239 klys (maker of Silmarils) I tend to address this issue by suggesting that marrying Hillary is the main reason Bill ever got to be president in the first place. From a very young age he's been self-indulgent and ...
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Scott Brown Wants Elizabeth Warren to Take a (Pointless) DNA Test

Sheer ignorance and bigotry are a toxic mix
6/28/16 10:41:15 am
The truly false premise is that it got her into Harvard. It didn't. She's actually pretty bright. And Scott Brown has the IQ of a meat thermometer.

Sen. Scott Brown Staffers Chanted Indian War Whoops, Made ‘Tomahawk Chops’

What right wing racism?
9/27/12 12:16:22 pm
According to Wikipedia, Jimmy Carter became governor via the segregationists' votes but did not govern accordingly. That's consistent with my hazy recollections of the time. IMHO Carter was not a racist; rather, he was "a man who wants to rule ...

Live Video: 2012 Dem Convention Day 2, Thread 2

Sandra Fluke, Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Warren
9/06/12 12:44:01 pm
re: #52 Buck I agree with you about Carter & yes, half the delegates at that "vote" did show exactly what they thought (Or, at least, less than half were louder than more than half - it could have been ...

DNC Schedule for September 5: Featuring Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Warren

9/06/12 9:16:55 am
re: #77 Targetpractice Ditto. And if anyone thinks that the Taliban would not have arrested Bin Laden, we should point out the Taliban were in discussions with the USA on oil pipeline routes and were in the USA to negotiate. ...