White Supremacists Sending Mass Emails to Recruit for the “Alt-Right”

Hate groups with mailing lists
4/19/17 1:04:06 pm
re: #2 gocart mozart That hit a little too close to home as my daughter has expressed many of the same observations about her own life.

In the Trump era, it’s no secret by now that white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups have been greatly emboldened. The owner of the vile hate site Daily Stormer notoriously wrote, “Our Glorious Leader has ascended to God Emperor. Make no mistake about it: we did this. If it were not …

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Today’s Email From a Donald Trump Supporter

125Nojay UK
9/09/16 3:34:32 pm
re: #73 Great White Snark Final Cut Pro was an Apple-only product, insanely popular with professional video and film people once upon a time with lots of third-party plug-ins and utilities designed for production workflow and revenue generation. It was ...

Reporters in Debate Press Room Cheered Bernie Sanders’ “Sick of Hearing About Emails” Remark

The only people who aren’t sick of it are the right wingers
325Higgs Boson's Mate
10/14/15 7:24:11 pm
re: #323 Decatur Deb "It was a face which darkness could kill in an instant a face as easily hurt by laughter or light 'We think differently at night' she told me once lying back languidly And she would quote ...

It’s Palin Email Dump Day

‘Sarah Palin didn’t abide by transparency best-practices’
6/11/11 5:19:03 pm
re: #77 Buck I hadn't seen that particular poster before Buck so thank you for informing me. Yes clearly this is in bad taste like if we were to photoshop an image of Eric Cantor onto something like this google.com ...

Tech Note: Email Comment Notifications Improved

8/12/10 1:14:21 am
re: #373 Aceofwhat? Meetings called to discuss why things aren't being done, meetings to decide what should be done, meetings to plan meetings, meetings to summarize meetings, meetings to increase reporting about meetings, meetings to ream people out for complaining ...