Our Embarrassing President: Trump Escalates Trade War, Threatens European Carmakers

301John Hughes
3/05/18 8:58:41 am
re: #258 teleskiguy Pretty sure they've got this detail in FO:NV.

Ugh. This embarrassing fool in the White House is now wrecking the trade agreements and partnerships and understandings that have helped international trade work relatively smoothly for many years, and ginning up a moronic trade war for no good reason at all except that he’s an idiot. I repeat, ugh. …

Colbert at His Best: President Xi Meets President ‘Me’

11/10/17 6:16:24 pm
re: #294 klys (maker of Silmarils) We have a pretty wide assortment of instrumentalists here. I like hearing you and Dave in Austin (IIRC) talking about harps and Anymouse talking about the dulcimer. Those instruments are a mystery to me, ...

Trump Rage-Tweets About “Ninth Circuit,” but His Executive Order Wasn’t Blocked by the Ninth Circuit

Days without embarrassing the United States: 0
4/26/17 11:45:05 pm
re: #262 mmmirele You might be able to skate away from criminal or civil charges, but the IRS *will* nail your ass for tax evasion, eventually. Remember how Al Capone got nabbed?