In Which Donald Trump Embarrasses America and Makes an Ass of Himself Again

Fear-mongering malevolent orange sack tweets again
3 weeks, 3 days ago
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Following the attack in London yesterday, our so-called president did what he does best: he launched a stream of fear-mongering, opportunistic tweets, and retweeted an early unconfirmed post at Drudge Report, because who needs intelligence services and experts when you can just browse over to Drudge Report for your information? …

Trump Rage-Tweets About “Ninth Circuit,” but His Executive Order Wasn’t Blocked by the Ninth Circuit

Days without embarrassing the United States: 0
4/26/17 11:45:05 pm
re: #262 mmmirele You might be able to skate away from criminal or civil charges, but the IRS *will* nail your ass for tax evasion, eventually. Remember how Al Capone got nabbed?