Wall Street Journal Backs Up Obama Administration Claims on Benghazi

More evidence that the outrage is fake
123Stanley Sea
10/22/12 5:48:44 pm
re: #82 Sionainn these media people are so afraid. used to be kudos for calling out a fact error.

The latest report about the Benghazi attack further drives home the point that the right’s unrelenting attempts to claim there was a “cover-up” are simply dishonest, trumped up, and false: Intelligence Stressed Libya Protest Scenario.

Libya Attack Investigation: No Evidence of Planning or Al Qaeda Involvement

The right wing will have to find a new fake outrage (and they will)
10/19/12 9:46:38 pm
re: #23 ProGunLiberal re: #56 ProGunLiberal I don't know if you have notifications turned on for this thread and will see this, but I'm very happy to see that you're getting help. Welcome back and kudos to Charles for giving ...

Republicans Eager to Embarrass Obama End Up Compromising US Security

National security, GOP style
10/11/12 6:23:47 pm
re: #607 foobear2 Though it's hard to understand why anyone should need to explain this to anyone who's actually bothered to look at this issue beyond the bylines: In layman's terms, it's known as a "map". You'll notice that this ...

Washington Post Editorial: The Death of an Ambassador

Over the line, Willard
534Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
9/13/12 3:00:56 pm
re: #533 Peter_P3 Yeah, you overreacted really badly, which led to you making the stupid accusation that I think Obama is perfect. But why'd you overreact so badly? Do you think lecturing Americans right after we've lost four of our ...