Tech Note: Facebook Broke Their Embedded Posts, So Here’s a New Way to Include Them

Fixing things broken by others
7/10/16 8:31:51 pm

Good old Facebook. Sometime in the last few days, they changed the way their embedded posts and video work, and the old method no longer works at all. Previously, we let you embed a Facebook post or video in a comment or LGF Page simply by copying and pasting …

Tech Note: New Embedded Videos for Comments: Comedy Central, The Onion, MSNBC

Just paste in the URL
4/15/12 7:51:47 pm
re: #252 The Ghost of a Flea Except that Communism was not creeping in the late 70's, it was advancing fast and seemed to be gaining speed. It's true that we now know how much strain the Soviet Union was ...