Merchants of Doubt: What Climate Deniers Learned From Big Tobacco

Peter Sinclair - Yale Climate Forum
170Unshaken Defiance
3/01/15 1:01:34 pm
re: #169 CuriousLurker Yup that article inspired me today. :-)

“Doubt is our product” Peter Sinclair from the Yale Climate Forum reviews a documentary that details how marketing doubt about science became profitable for multiple industries and their shills. Note: the documentary has had limited showings in the UK and US at festivals and limited venues, the Official release is …

Mitt Romney in Missouri: ‘Planned Parenthood, We’re Going to Get Rid of That’

Romney’s fully enlisted in the war on women’s rights
3/14/12 10:13:13 am
re: #362 Freeze Peach I don't believe Jesus existed as a historical personage. Except for a couple of isolated passages that seem to be referring to an earthly Jesus but probably aren't, and other passages that are clearly later interpolations, ...

Card: Obama’s Cruel Tax on the Poor

11/04/08 5:54:14 am
"This is Obama the New Puritan. We’ve found his real religion: Political and Environmental Correctness. It’s more important to him to eliminate coal than to find practical solutions. Why? Because coal is “bad.” Our groupthinking “intellectual” elite thinks they are ...